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BLOCH, Synchrony Stretch Canvas

BLOCH, Synchrony Stretch Canvas


Synchrony Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes, BLOCH

รองเท้าแบบผ้ายืด พื้นแยก

กระชับเข้าทรงเท้า โค้งตามอุ้งเท้าได้ดี มีขอบยางยืดนุ่มสบายเท้า ไม่ต้องผูกปม



Cutting edge stretch canvas gives a streamlined fit that highlights the contours of the foot while being incredibly comfortable.


  • Innovative fibres within the canvas material stretch and recover always reflecting the natural shape of the foot
  • Sleek and streamline look on the foot
  • Soft, wide elastic at the top line as well as pre sewn crossed elastic to ensure secure fit
  • Wider outsole design with no ridges to allow natural spreading of toes for easy balance and turning
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